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Experience Flower Craft in Furano


The summer in Hokkaido is short, but during those few precious months, the flowers here flourish and blossom strongly and beautifully. Now you can create an art out of these flowers, almost permanently retaining their natural color.

We are the only hands-on class available in Furano where you can experince the L'ecrin Flower, a new form of flower art where you can preserve the color and shape of the flowers as beautifully as they are in nature.

Just Got Extended! 10th Anniversary 2018 Summer Special Event! Experience L'ecrin Flower at New Furano Prince Hotel's "Kaze no Garden"

It's our 10th Anniversary! 2018 Summer Special Event! Experience L'ecrin Flower at New Furano Prince Hotel's "Kaze no Garden"

Fleur R is an atelier by our friend and an esteemed collage artist Ryo Takeda. The amazing studio is located in Toyoshira ward of Sapporo city. Click for details!

About L'ecrin Flower


L'ecrin Flower is a treasure box full of flowers.

”L’écrin” actually means ”treasure box” in French.

By sealing the plants in an air-tight, three dimensional box specifically designed to avoid discoloration, and by carefully drying them to preserve their natural color and shape, you can enjoy them for a very long time.

It's a new form of art totally different from traditional pressed/dried/perserved flower.

About The Classroom and Lessons


Within a mere walking distance from the Frano Train Station, it's easy to experince the new flower craft.

It's free to sit-in and watch the class! We have plenty of pre-dried flowers in stock all the time, and you can take the resulting piece of art with you home!

One of a kind, original art makes a great memorabilia from your trip to Hokkaido, or serves as a perfect souvenior for your friends.

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